Chief Engineer

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plan, direct, control and co-ordinate activities of all maintenance personnel engaged in maintenance and repair of the buildings and equipment’s concerned (Audio Visual, M&E, Building in general and with particular attention and care to the Boilers, Air conditioning systems, electrical distribution and generators, water systems, hotel systems such as Fire, kitchen equipment’s, cold stores, laundry equipment’s, gas storage and distribution, etc.).
  • Inspect regularly the entire Hotel to check the state of the buildings and of the installations and equipment’s.
  • Check all hotel equipment making sure it is in good working conditions, follow-up on equipment that needs repair, additional spare parts, replacement or disposal.
  • See to it that all repairs and maintenance jobs are done according to hotel standards and practices.
    Check regularly the state of cleanliness and hygiene and sanitation of the hotel equipment’s and buildings.
  • Recommends points from improvement and implements the same.
    Conduct sanitation inspections and maintenance inspections of the back of the house on a regular basis according to hotel standards and procedures.
  • Co-operate with the Purchasing department in locating sources for needed items, substitutes locally available for imported ones and ensure best quality and value for money.
  • Control costs by mini damage, maintaining adequate inventory of tools. (Maintenance store control).

Preventive Maintenance

  • Ensure to set up a preventive maintenance program covering all areas of the hotel  in a timely manner. 
  • Ensure that the full Mechanical &Electrical  listing is available and fully updated for a proper schedule of preventive maintenance.
  • Directly responsible for the maintenance of the assets.
  • Directly responsible for the hotel safety and fire standards, ensure regular checks, and that safety standards and emergency procedures are in place and trained.

Hotel safety and security

  • In accordance with Cambodian laws and regulations, ensure safe usage of the fire, gas and electrical equipment and related. 
  • Ensure that all fire equipment are in proper working condition (detection equipment and fire fighting equipment).
  • Ensure regular fire drills in co-operation with the Security department.

Financial Responsibilities

  • Concentrate on the optimization of the well being and long life of all equipment’s with constant preoccupation for the minimum expenses.
  • Directly responsible of maintaining his department costs and other expenses related as per guidelines defined. 
  • Directly responsible of all needed equipment’s purchases (spare parts, replacement parts, etc.), selection of suppliers in co-operation with purchasing manager. 
  • Directly responsible of all needed equipment’s receiving and the quality of control upon receiving as per purchase orders and proper storage of goods upon receipt in co-operation with the Accounting department and store. 
  • Responsible for setting all the par stock for maintenance dept. items, monitoring delivery with store and purchasing and avoiding shortage of goods. 
  • Responsible for the preparation of the yearly budget for the maintenance department in co- operation with resident manager and for final approval of Managing Director. 
  • Responsible for keeping up to date concerning new products, energy saving measures and strategies, pricing of equipment’s, etc.
  • Responsible for setting up energy saving plans and training/guidelines for all concerned to follow and assist when and where possible.
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